KSEI Announcement

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KSEI-2419/DIR/0218 Development of the ORCHiD Application to Issue Withholding Tax Slips (BPP) For Debt Based Securities (EBU) (BPP) February 13, 2018
PENG-0001/DIR/KSEI/0218 Stock Exchange Holiday Chinese New Year 2569 February 12, 2018
KSEI-4049/JKU/0218 The Change of PT Bank Mandiri Taspen Pos??? (BMTP) Name February 08, 2018
KSEI-1822/DIR/0218 Delisting of BUMN FUND 2011 MICROFINANCING (ODRPTDBF) Mutual Fund Participating Units (ISIN Code: IDN0000128709) February 05, 2018
KSEI-1815/DIR/0218 Change in Withholding Tax Slip Issuance Mechanism for Corporate Debt Securities by KSEI February 02, 2018
KSEI-3298/JKU/0218 Change of PT Forza Land Indonesia Tbk (FORZ) Securities Administration February 01, 2018
KSEI- 1034/DIR/0118 S-INVEST Connection Preparation through the Capital Market Integrated Network January 31, 2018
KSEI-2885/JKU/0118 Designated Stocks for the Period of February 2018 January 29, 2018
KSEI-0953/DIR/0118 Registration of Certificates of Deposit Securities at the Indonesia Central Securities Depository (KSEI) January 18, 2018
KSEI-1785/JKU/0118 Conversion of PT Berau Coal Energy Tbk (BRAU) Shares from Scripless to Script Form January 17, 2018
KSEI-0777/DIR/0118 Announcement on the Use of the BCP Room at KSEI January 16, 2018
KSEI-1146/JKU/0118 Change of the Issuer???s Name of PT Magna Finance Tbk (MGNA) January 11, 2018
KSEI-0199/DIR/0118 Information on Re-opening of Securities Sub-Accounts (SRE) January 04, 2018
KSEI-0001/JKU/0118 The Replacement of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk (BNGA) Securities Administration Agency Bureau January 02, 2018
KSEI-0080/JKU/0118 The Replacement of PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk (SAME) Securities Administration Agency Bureau January 02, 2018
KSEI-13132/DIR/1217 Delisting of PT Lamicitra Nusantara Tbk Shares (ISIN Code: ID1000071103) December 27, 2017
PENG-0017/DIR/KSEI/1217 regarding the Operational Activities of the BI-RTGS, BI-SSSS, and BI-ETP Systems in Relation to the Christmas Holiday and End of 2017 December 22, 2017
PENG-0016/DIR/KSEI/1217 Stock Exchange Holiday New Years Day 2018 December 19, 2017
PENG-0015/DIR/KSEI/1217 Stock Exchange Holiday Christmas and Christmas Public Holiday December 18, 2017
KSEI-12375/DIR/1217 Changes to the Securities Transaction Settlement Mechanism for MTN Securities Through Relocation to the Bond Management Menu in C-BEST December 12, 2017
PENG-0014/DIR/KSEI/1117 Stock Exchange Holiday Birth of Prophet Muhammad November 22, 2017
KSEI-32459/JKU/1117 Changes of the Issuers Name of PT Trada Maritime Tbk (TRAM) November 16, 2017
KSEI-10844/DIR/1117 Change of C-BEST Member Code for SBN Transactions with BI-SSSS Subregistry November 13, 2017
KSEI-10333/DIR/1117 Follow-Up to C-BEST Next G Mock Test November 01, 2017
KSEI-10202/DIR/1017 Delisting of PT Bima Multi Finance Bonds Obligasi October 30, 2017
KSEI-9669/DIR/1017 Management of Securities Companies and Custodian Banks October 19, 2017
: KSEI-9609/DIR/1017 Invitation to C-BEST Next Generation Phase IV Hands-On Training October 19, 2017
KSEI-9604/DIR/1017 Announcement on C-Best Next G 3rd (Third) Mock Test October 18, 2017
KSEI-29351/JKU/1017 The Revision of Pinnacle Enhanced Sharia ETF Total Number of Units on Initial Registration October 11, 2017
KSEI-28602/JKU/1017 The Changes of the Issuance Activities and Maturity Date of Bank UOB Indonesia I Phase II Year 2017 Self Registration Subordinated Bonds Registration October 10, 2017
KSEI-8952/DIR/1017 Tax Rate Adjustment for Corporate Actions on KSEI Sub Securities Account (SRE) October 05, 2017
KSEI-28445/JKU/1017 Change of the Issuer???s Name of PT Reliance Securities Tbk (RELI) October 03, 2017
KSEI-28314/JKU/1017 The Postponement of Bank UOB Indonesia I Phase II Year 2017 Self Registration Subordinated Bonds Registration October 02, 2017
KSEI-8690/DIR/0917 Requirement to Submit Accurate Data in the Opening of Sub Securities Account (Sub Rekening Efek/SRE) and Single Investor Identification (SID) September 28, 2017
KSEI-8415/DIR/0917 Request for Updating KSEI???s Service Users Data September 22, 2017
KSEI-27155/JKU/0917 Change of the Issuer???s Name of PT Yulie Sekurindo Tbk (YULE) September 20, 2017
KSEI-27156/JKU/0917 Additional Information on the Interest Rate of Danareksa Indonesia Power PLN 1 ??? Class A Asset Receivables Back Securities (Class A ABS) September 20, 2017
KSEI-7999/DIR/092017 Receipt of Funds from Corporate Action through Central Bank Money (CeBM) Mechanism September 13, 2017
PENG-0013/DIR/KSEI/0917 1439 Hijra Islamic New Year Stock Exchange Holiday Calendar September 11, 2017